What is Mewing Technique?

How Will It Affect My Jawline?

The mewing technique is a new trend in the beauty industry that many people are trying. It’s an interesting process, but does it work? What can you expect from using this method on your jawline? The friendly dental practice will examine what mewing is and how it can change your appearance for the better!

The first thing we want to note about the mewing technique is that it does not involve actually doing anything. Mewing should be done while you sleep and all this means is that your mouth will remain slightly open throughout the night. Many would ask, “What’s so special about that?” Well, if left unclosed for a long enough period of time (recommended: eight hours), your jawline can possibly change and become pronounced!

Friendly Dental Practice

The process sounds simple but we still recommend consulting with a professional before trying something like this out on yourself or others; yes there are other people who do this too besides celebrities! Please make sure to take care of your body in any way possible because everyone deserves their best look! If you’re interested in learning more about mewing, make sure to read our last article on this subject!

There are many people who have been asking us “how long does it take for mewing to work?” and we’ll be happy to tell you that there is no one answer. In general though, the longer your mouth remains slightly open throughout the night—the better results you can see in a short amount of time . We recommend at least three months before noticing any changes but again everyone’s body works differently so do not get discouraged if you don’t notice anything after a few days or weeks! Take care of yourself and stay healthy because every person deserves their best look always !