10 Important Principles Of An SEO-friendly Website

How to Create a Website Design That Stays Up-to-Date

Website Design Grand Rapids experts will talk about the perfect website designs that are fit for SEO changes and updates. As a web designer, I have seen many clients come in with a design they loved but when it came to making changes or updates to their site it turned into an absolute nightmare. This is because they chose a theme that was not built with SEO in mind. Let’s take a look at some of these layouts below.

The first thing we see here is that there are no H tags. There is a big space on the right and left leaving us with an enormous amount of white space in between each paragraph. Another thing we notice is that it’s hard to tell where one paragraph ends and another begins because there are no line breaks or dividers whatsoever. SEO stands for search engine optimization which means optimizing your site so that when people type in certain keywords they are able to find you easily through Google, Yahoo, etc…

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The perfect website designs would be ones like this:


This design makes it easy to read without any unnecessary distractions or clutter getting in the way of what you need to know about the product being sold. There is a defined space for each paragraph and there are plenty of H tags to help the search engines find you easily.

The first thing we notice here is that there are plenty of room for sidebars to give you more space for content. These layouts will look great on tablets and mobile devices as well, which means it’s perfectly scalable no matter what device someone uses to visit your site. This also helps with SEO because Google gives bonus points to sites that are responsive or compatible across all platforms (mobile friendly). With a little bit of work using these tips can help make things much easier when making updates to any part of your website. It doesn’t need t o take hours upon hours either so it’s well worth the time you invest into it.