The Importance of Stretching After Long Workouts

Types of Stretches

Stretching is a must after any long workout session. It prevents muscle tightness and soreness, which can happen if muscles are not properly stretched out. Along with the benefits of stretching, there are different types of stretches and massage after bbl that you should be aware of before starting your next intense workout routine.

The first thing to know about stretching is that you should never bounce while performing a stretch. This can cause the muscles to tighten instead of relax, which defeats the purpose of stretching in the first place. Stretching gently for 20 seconds until you feel some tension and hold it there for another 30 seconds is all that’s needed after your long workout sessions. Some types of stretches are listed below:

The hamstring stretch focuses on your backside by targeting the hamstrings at their base near your knees. To perform this stretch, simply stand up straight with one leg bent behind you as far as possible before holding it there for two minutes or more depending on how flexible you are. You will then switch legs and repeat this process once again if necessary.

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Another type of stretch is called the seated twist. This stretching exercise targets your back and core muscles by using a chair for support with one foot in front of you while twisting from side to side as far as possible without pain or discomfort before holding it there for two minutes each time.

The last type of stretch that’s great after workouts is called the cat-cow pose, which helps increase flexibility in your spine along with relieving tension in your neck and shoulders when done properly. To perform this move, start on all fours with hands under your shoulders and knees below hips. As you inhale, arch up towards ceiling looking down at ground slightly until feeling a good stretch through entire body before exhaling back into downward dog position bringing chest closer to floor to stretch your neck and shoulders.